August 23, 2016

Stark's Versatile Antelope Ax

Amy Berry mentioned that Stark's Antelope Ax is one of the most versatile rugs you can use. Take a look below at all the other designers who seem to agree. Antelope Ax can be found in a variety of rooms, styles and yet it always looks great, from closets, nurseries, dens, sitting rooms, dining rooms.
Nicole Henley Mellon sits in her posh yellow Oly chair with Stark Antelope at her feet
Classic furnishings pair nicely with Antelope
Amanda Lindroth used Antelope in this Bahahamian home paired with this amazing drum chandelier she found on 1stDibs
Jan Showers used Antelope Ax in this library
Amy Berry says Antelope Ax is one of the most versatile rugs that she uses
Robert Brown used Antelope Ax in this symmetrical dining room
Alexa Hampton used Antelope in her dressing room
Sam Allen used the darker Antelope Ax in this vibrant bedroom
Celerie Kimble's design assitant, Heidi Bianco used Antelope Ax in her bedroom
Amanda Nisbet used Antelope Ax carpet in her hallway
Antelope Ax in a nursery
Ruthie Sommers paired feminine pinks with Antelope

If Stark rugs are not in your budget, but you want to achieve the Antelope look, here are are a few more affordable options: 
Myers Carpets offers a lower priced alternative Antelope print carpet

August 13, 2016

Dallas Designer- Amy Berry

I was so excited to share some of my favorite photos from Dallas based interior designer, Amy Berry. I love Berry's use of great patterned wallpapers, encorporating blue and white ceramics, fun art, low key animal patterns and perfectly styled home bars. Berry lived and studied design in London and has brought back the classic European style mixed with her Southern roots.

Stark's Antelope Ax rug that Berry frequently uses in homes.
Sputnik light gives this office a vintage feel, reminiscence of Mad Mens Don Draper's office. Notice Stark's Antelope Ax being used again. 
Blue and White Mural Wallpaper from Susan Harter
Nurseryworks Vetro acrylic crib has the ghost effect allowing the beautiful linens to shine.

Get Your Own

August 7, 2016

Corpse Flower

I had the opportunity to view the Corpse Flower in bloom at the US Botanic Garden in DC. This was the first time this particular plant has bloomed and it took the plant six year to create this bloom. In two weeks the plant grew 54 inches. The name of the flower is derived from the putrid smell the bloom emits which is used to attract pollinators such as flies and beetles. The smell can be compared to rotting flesh or garbage sitting in the heat. We saw the bloom 10 hours after it initially opened and by that time the smell was faint due to the air circulation of visitors in the greenhouse. So much energy is used to grow and bloom that this magnificent bloom only lasts 24-48 hours. 

 (Amorphophallus titanum)
Standing tall at 88 inches
A botanical artist, Mara Menahan was on site the entire week prior to the bloom and during the bloom to capture this magnificent event

The US Botanic Garden in DC is located near the Capitol building. 

July 27, 2016

Float Away!

Who knew plastic floats are the new must have summer accessory for your pool? Create Instgram-worthy shots this summer at the beach or pool with your fun floats! Move over swan, you've got some yummy competition. Have you seen the photos of Patricia Altschul's Pink Flamingo float party in downtown Historic Charleston that were inspired by her flamingo float?

June 27, 2016

Watercolor Wallpaper Murals

I know watercolor wallpaper murals have been around awhile, but just felt I wanted to revisit. I have loved the wallpaper murals in watercolor print because they are versatile for many reasons. So many of these wallpapers are easy to install, removeable which makes it great for temporary space like if you are renting or a way to add a bold pop of color and design with little commitment. Additionally, with these prints, you don't have to hang pictures or artwork so it can make decorating a space easy. If you are making a home office, or seperate bar or entertaining area, or want to add a little color behind built ins I think this is a perfect way to add it. You can go with more muted and subtle colors like the first few, or add a bolder pop of color.
Clouded Mural by anewall

Beach Glass Lake Erie from artist, Theresa Grzecki Murals Your Way
Watercolor Mural Wallpaper from Anewall

Inkspill Textured Wallpaper from Murawall
Colour Puddle Wallaper from PhotoWall
Abstract Watercolor Sky from PhotoWall

June 21, 2016

Flag Toothpick Art

I remember loving this flag toothpick wreath from a few years ago! Now that I live in DC I should definitely make it for all of the patriotic holidays-Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, July 4th! This year the wreath can have double duty with the Summer Olympics coming up soon. I thought this is the perfect year to showcase some of my favorite patriotic themes! I scoured the web for some flag toothpick sources for you in case you have a problem finding some.

All it takes is a styrofoam wreath (around 18 inches) and around 600 toothpicks to make your own Flag Toothpick Wreath as featuerd at Good Housekeeping
Toothpick flags in simple vase yields a beautiful patriotic style from Etsy store Smile Mercantile
Toothpick Flag garland DIY from Sugar & Charm . She just cut the sticks off, and hot glued the flags to white string.
Framed WWII era Toothpick flag from One Kings Lane as featured on Huffington Post
Get your own mini vintage 48 star flag to frame yourself, ebay
Patriotic cupcakes photographed by Michelle Lange as featured on Style Me Pretty
Dress up your "Freedom Burgers" in their patriotic glory
Toothpick flags were used to make these mini pinwheels and decorative for the match box for the sparkler gift from Kara's Party Ideas

Grab some cheap little flag toothpicks and make something for your July 4th!
Oriental Trading-144 count $3.75
Party City-120 count $2.99 (may be at your local store too)
Factory Direct Craft- 100 count $2.50
Sur la table-50 count $5 (available online and at local stores)
Amazon-500 count $12 (Available for Prime)

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